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Eye Vision Improvement


As an eye vision expert I’m often asked whether or not eyeglasses actually help or hurt your eyes.  Nearly 50% of Americans actually use a magnifying glass or wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. While those tools may help you see better they really only provide a non-permanent solution.  Eyeglasses and contacts will never permanently cure any eye issues.  Even though you may see clearer wearing glasses or other artificial lenses, only the eyesight symptoms improve but not the underlying eye problem.

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Eyeglasses and contact lenses cause you and your eye vision to develop unhealthy tendencies and let the eye muscles work inefficiently.  Your eyes quickly come to rely on the artificial lenses and your vision will become worse over time.  The good news is your eyes can be trained to become more relaxed which in turn will significantly reduce their dependence on eyeglasses.

Ways to Improve Eye Vision


Daily stress and rigors primarily cause the majority of eye issues.  The easy solution would be to avoid or minimize any stress to start with.  However, that solution won’t be realistic for most people so the next best option would be to learn how to handle those strains differently.  How you handle the stresses and strains of daily life does impact your eyesight.  Here are Yoga Eye Vision Exercises

to help with that stress.

Getting the right prescription will always be a big problem when wearing glasses or contacts because your eyes are always changing.  Have you noticed your eyesight’s sharpness can be different from day to day?  Many things will affect your vision including your health, your mood, the weather and your daily stress level.  If the weather is sunny your mood will be better and your eyesight will be too.

Since so many factors can impact your eye vision that getting a good prescription can be next to impossible no matter who the doctor is.  Your eyes and the eye test results will be different if you go to your appointment on a sunny day in good mood versus going in on a rainy, dark day being in a worse mood.  You’ll notice the difference with your prescription when you experience the varied conditions.

Eye Vision Test


Try this eye vision test – don’t wear your glasses at all for a few weeks and notice how your eyesight changes.  You will be amazed at the outcome.  Initially your eyesight will be blurry but as your eye muscles have to work without the aid of artificial lenses your sight will became more clear. By being able to relax and reduce your stress level your vision will even improve faster. Implement relaxation techniques and shut your eyes occasionally as your eyes works harder to focus.

When you wear eyeglasses and contact lenses your eye muscles become lazy and you develop bad habits.  Focus on fixing the actual eye vision problem and not the temporary fix.  You also try eye exercises to improve vision to help you get rid of those glasses.



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