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Astigmatism of the Eye

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Astigmatism of the Eye Explained

Astigmatism of the Eye becomes very common as we get older.  Have you noticed your vision becoming hazy?  Does focusing on objects require you to squint? This condition occurs as the eyes roundness becomes more oval and eyesight becomes blurrier.  Years of eyestrain can also contribute to the problem.  Astigmatism of the Eye Corrections

Small muscles encircle the eyeball, which assist it to lengthen and shrink as needed to focus.  Over time these muscles can get weaker which reduces the eyes ability to change shape.  However an eye isn’t ever completely round because the shape always changes with different use.  Please see video for a visual explanation –  Astigamitism of the Eye Explanation

What Astigmatism of the Eye Means

Everybody can occasionally experience Astigmatism of the Eye.  To see how this condition looks just pull your eyelids outward and you vision will be blurred.  Uncorrected, the eyes will make the necessary corrections within several hours or days.  By wearing glasses or contact lenses the eye’s problem can be hidden and eyes stopped from fixing themselves.

Besides providing the incredible sense of sight, the eyes reveal quite a bit about the level of stress someone can be experiencing.  Most people don’t pay attention to those signals.  When you have eyesight becoming hazy or blurry you need to unwind and calm down.  Those are signs your stress and tension levels are high.

How to Fix Astigmatism of the Eye

How should you handle stressful situations and help minimize problems with your eyes?  Whenever you start to feel stress you can take a several minutes and complete a few exercises.  Number one – try to relax.  Put down what you’re doing and stop working.  Don’t walk away or go away from the area where you’re working.  Just move your eyes only.  Focus on things in the distance and not on anything close like your computer screen or desk.  Allow your eyes to move from close sight to distances.

Next, if you’re home lie comfortably on the floor.  Then get someone to swing a small object on a string above you.  That action will cause your eyes to center on the item and move with it.  Our eyes must move around to function correctly.  Eyes do not function well staring in one area, like a computer screen, for long periods of time.  They work best when having the chance to be in motion as well.

To reduce Astigmatism of the Eye you’ll need to give your eyes the opportunity for movement and to give them a recess about every 20 minutes.  Another important natural key to help eye vision is to eat more fruits and vegetables.   These two action items will go a long ways towards keeping your eyesight good without the use of prescription glasses.

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