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Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

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Why Do Eye Exercises to Improve Vision?

Most people who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses feel there is no solution for bad eyesight other than a surgical correction procedure which comes with laser eye surgery risks.  However, there is another effective option available – eye exercises to improve vision.  It doesn’t matter if you have aging vision, farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism.  By taking a small amount of time daily and consistently your vision can be restored and enhanced without surgery or drugs.            Learn Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

Can it really be possible to improve your vision naturally without surgery?  Absolutely yes!  With some easy exercises you will see results and bring your vision to a sharper level.  It just takes a little dedication and time each day.

Your eye muscles are critical to your vision and by wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses those muscles become weaker.  Eye exercises will help both eye health and eyesight while strengthening eye muscles and flexibility.  You only need to perform exercises daily for a few minutes to improve your vision and reach a level back to normal levels without vision aids.


Here are a few eye exercises to improve vision

* Gaze upwards and slowly rotate your eyes going clockwise.  After 10 clockwise rotations rotate your eyes 10 more times going counter clockwise.

* Fully extend out your arm holding a pencil.  Concentrate and focus on the pencil tip.  As you slowly move the pencil towards your face continue to focus on the pencil tip.  Once the pencil reaches about 7 inches from your face reverse the direction moving it back out.  Repeat 3 times.

* Blink your eyes energetically over and over for 30 seconds then shut your eyes and put your chin down on your chest.  Stay still for 3 minutes then repeat a second time.


These simple eye exercises to improve vision alone will help you see better and strengthen your eye muscles.

However, if you sit in front of a computer screen for long periods of time or have astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness you should have a tailored  vision improvement program with additional specific exercises.  Also, don’t forget that any of these techniques need to be used in conunction with a proper nutrition plan and a healthy overall lifestyle to optimize your vision.

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