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Improve Your Vision

January 27th, 2012 No comments

Can You Improve Your Vision Naturally

You have many options to Improve Your Vision Naturally.  When suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or aging vision most people visit an optician for an eye examination.

The eyesight test results in getting an eyeglass or contact lens prescription to correct the vision.  However, artificial lenses only correct a symptom but do not fix the problem.  They actually do more harm because the numerous eye muscles become more dependent on the glasses to focus instead of working.  Those muscles quickly weaken just as leg muscles would if rarely walked on.

You can actually Improve Your Vision Naturally through a series of exercises and relaxation techniques that keep the eye muscles strong.  Many eye issues occur because of continued eyestrain and stress.  Learning how to minimize the effect of these conditions can improve eye vision.

How to Improve Your Vision Naturally

One simple exercise that can help your eyesight is called palming.  This procedure helps relax both your mind and eyes.   When done for at least 20 minutes a day the results can be impressive.

How to Improve Your Vision Naturally

To start palming, rub your palms together until they’re warm.  Then place each palm of your hand over each eye.  The palms shouldn’t directly touch either the eyes or eyelids.   Place your elbows on a stable surface like a desk.

Now the goal is to totally relax.  While keeping your eyes closed under your palms concentrate on relaxing beginning at the top of your head and moving downward to the end of your toes.  You will feel every muscle start to relax as you move your focus downward.  Initially you may see a more gray color.  The more relaxed you become the blacker the color will become.

The Key to Improve Your Vision Naturally

Do not think of any outside distractions like work projects or to do lists.  Just focus on the blackness or if needed focus on a pleasant scene like ocean waves or mountain meadows.  Stay in this relaxed state for a minimum 15 minutes.

Open your eyes after this period of relaxation.  You’ll find objects will be clearer.  Colors will look more defined.  Your total eye vision will look clearer.  Palming will give you a great way to Improve Your Vision Naturally.

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Laser Vision

January 11th, 2012 No comments

Best Laser Vision Surgery?

Custom or Wavefront LASIK eye surgery gives a new definition to Laser Vision.  This procedure can offer a patient amazing results in comparison to standard LASIK eye surgery.  Visual clearness often ends up being better than 20/20.

best laser vision

Standard LASIK correction involves an overall reshaping of the cornea.  Custom or Wavefront LASIK surgery is based on a more in-depth measurement of each eye to enable a more precise surgical correction.

How Custom or Wavefront LASIK Laser Vision Works

With newer computer assisted technology the equipment maps out the cornea front surface on an almost three dimensional basis.  The map will show both height and curvature along the cornea as well as looking at how the eye focuses and sees images.  With that level of detail all irregularities show up and the computer analyses the corrections needed to come up with the best vision possible. The Ophthalmologist then has a detailed roadmap to use to perform the Laser Vision surgery.

Custom or Wavefront LASIK surgery ends up with a patient outcome that most often gives vision acuity at a level much better than when the patient didn’t wear glasses.  Remarkably patients often end up with much better than 20/20 vision.  In addition, unlike standard LASIK, the corrected vision results in the added benefit of seeing better with fine detail, contrasts and even colors.  If all of those benefits weren’t enough the complication risks of halos, glare and worsened night vision are significantly less with Custom or Wavefront LASIK surgery.

Who Can Get the Best Laser Vision

Because of all the advantages with this Laser Vision surgery why would anyone want a standard LASIK procedure?  First of all this procedure uses new technology and equipment so the procedure price is more expensive.  Secondly only patients with a clean eye health history and the appropriate corneal thickness can qualify.  Lastly, the ideal candidates have mild to moderate astigmatism, myopia, or hyperopia.  This procedure also can be helpful to patients that had earlier generation LASIK surgery and have lost their correct eyesight.

The custom eye blueprint and procedure really gives a total Laser Vision positive outcome.  The result is a true tailor made custom eye laser surgery.

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Eyesight Test

January 8th, 2012 No comments

What is a Recommended Eyesight Test

Getting the recommended eyesight test performed by your Ophthalmologist on a regular interval is extremely important to insuring your eyes and eyesight are healthy.  That interval should be every one to three years depending upon your age, your overall health and whether or not you have any eyesight corrections. recommened eyesight test

The basic recommended eyesight test most people are familiar with is the eye chart which helps measure your vision’s clearness.  The most common chart is formally known as a Snellen chart named after Dr. H. Snellen who developed it back in 1862.  The chart consists of eleven rows of capital letters beginning with a single capital ‘E’ at the top row followed by each row below decreasing in size.

The Most Common Recommended Eyesight Test

Your eye doctor has you stand 20 feet from the chart, with one eye covered, and read each row down the chart until you’re unable to read each letter in a row.  Most people can read through the eighth row, which translates to having 20/20 vision.

If a person can only read the top row then they’re considered to have 20/200 vision.  Put another way most people would be able to read that same top row from 200 feet away.  20/200 vision also represents the legal definition for being legally blind.

Dilating your pupils continues to be an important part of an eyesight test.  By putting dilating drops on your eyes your pupils will open up wider allowing the Ophthalmologist to use several instruments to examine the inner eye.  Because the pupils are open wide they let more light in and the eyes will be extra light sensitive.  It’s important to wear sunglasses for several hours following the exam until the pupils return to their normal size.

Glaucoma Recommended Eyesight Test

Other important tests look for vision blind spots, which can indicate eye disease or other health issues.  The eyesight test most performed are visual field tests.  These tests look at a range of horizontal and vertical directions especially looking at peripheral vision.  With the patient following an object using one eye at a time the Ophthalmologist can determine whether or not more comprehensive testing will be required. Problems that can be discovered or indicated with visual field tests include glaucoma, optic nerve damage, other eye diseases, and even strokes or tumors.

Because glaucoma is the second leading blindness cause in the United States a recommended eyesight test specifically will test for it.  Your eyes are numbed to start.  Then sitting in front of a machine the eye doctor blows a puff of air into your eyeball with a machine to measure your eye’s internal pressure.  The procedure is painless.  If the reading shows high eye pressure then glaucoma could be present or at least show a higher risk for glaucoma.

Your Ophthalmologist may perform other tests as needed.  Just like your family doctor completes a physical exam on your overall health, your eyes need an eye exam as well.  Don’t put off a recommended eyesight test as your eye vision is a precious gift you don’t want to risk losing.

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Eyesight Problems

December 25th, 2011 No comments

Can Common Eyesight Problems Lead to Blindness?

Common Eyesight Problems can be very worrisome and cause high anxiety as your once clear eye vision deteriorates.  Symptoms such as blurred vision (both close up and at distances), vision loss on the peripheral or straight ahead levels, and even eyestrain can indicate the presence of one of these problems.

By learning the contributing factors to eye vision issues you may be able to stop or minimize those issues from developing further to the point of impaired vision or even blindness.  Review these most common issues and their risk elements and causes.

Nearsightedness is the Most Common of the Eyesight Problems

Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, is one of the more prevalent eyesight problems.  People with nearsightedness have difficulty seeing objects in the distance.  This affliction can end up with quite a bit of vision loss and can severely impact your day-to-day life.  The bad vision caused by nearsightedness can be due to constant working at a close distance over a long period of time and the resulting eyestrain.

Farsightedness is One Of the Potentially  Serious Eyesight Problems

Farsightedness or hyperopia, while not as common as myopia, can have worse complications if not monitored or corrected.  Even though nearsightedness may get the majority of media coverage farsightedness can be the result of other health problems.  Farsightedness makes seeing objects up close much harder than objects in the distance.

What can cause poor eyesight in people suffering from farsightedness?  In many cases the condition can be hereditary.  In fact most babies are born with a minimal level of temperate hyperopia.  When adults get farsightedness it’s often caused by an eye illness like orbital/intraocular tumors or eye inflammations, an enduring health problem such as diabetes, or even by wearing contact lenses.

Are Reading Glasses Necessary Eyesight Problems?

Presbyopia or aging vision are eyesight problems thought by many to be a fact of growing older.  People think your close up eyesight gets worse as you get older and it’s just a matter of time before you need reading glasses.  Despite that perception, which does have some validity, there are several other conditions that can also help lead to an early Presbyopia condition.

Leading factors include excessive alcohol and tobacco use as well as poor dietary habits.  Yes, those traits contribute to poor health in general but they do have a negative affect on eyesight.  Other factors in general include certain medications, certain diseases, stress and overall bad health.  All of these issues can speed up the process getting aging vision.  Eyesight Problems can be Fixed

You’ve most likely heard it over and over again – take care of your body and overall health and don’t abuse tobacco or alcohol.  A Diet to Help Eyesight Problems will benefit too and you can put off having to wear reading glasses to see the restaurant menu.

Be aware of these eyesight problems and contributing factors so you can stop those problems from getting worse.

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Astigmatism of the Eye

December 22nd, 2011 No comments

Astigmatism of the Eye Explained

Astigmatism of the Eye becomes very common as we get older.  Have you noticed your vision becoming hazy?  Does focusing on objects require you to squint? This condition occurs as the eyes roundness becomes more oval and eyesight becomes blurrier.  Years of eyestrain can also contribute to the problem.  Astigmatism of the Eye Corrections

Small muscles encircle the eyeball, which assist it to lengthen and shrink as needed to focus.  Over time these muscles can get weaker which reduces the eyes ability to change shape.  However an eye isn’t ever completely round because the shape always changes with different use.  Please see video for a visual explanation –  Astigamitism of the Eye Explanation

What Astigmatism of the Eye Means

Everybody can occasionally experience Astigmatism of the Eye.  To see how this condition looks just pull your eyelids outward and you vision will be blurred.  Uncorrected, the eyes will make the necessary corrections within several hours or days.  By wearing glasses or contact lenses the eye’s problem can be hidden and eyes stopped from fixing themselves.

Besides providing the incredible sense of sight, the eyes reveal quite a bit about the level of stress someone can be experiencing.  Most people don’t pay attention to those signals.  When you have eyesight becoming hazy or blurry you need to unwind and calm down.  Those are signs your stress and tension levels are high.

How to Fix Astigmatism of the Eye

How should you handle stressful situations and help minimize problems with your eyes?  Whenever you start to feel stress you can take a several minutes and complete a few exercises.  Number one – try to relax.  Put down what you’re doing and stop working.  Don’t walk away or go away from the area where you’re working.  Just move your eyes only.  Focus on things in the distance and not on anything close like your computer screen or desk.  Allow your eyes to move from close sight to distances.

Next, if you’re home lie comfortably on the floor.  Then get someone to swing a small object on a string above you.  That action will cause your eyes to center on the item and move with it.  Our eyes must move around to function correctly.  Eyes do not function well staring in one area, like a computer screen, for long periods of time.  They work best when having the chance to be in motion as well.

To reduce Astigmatism of the Eye you’ll need to give your eyes the opportunity for movement and to give them a recess about every 20 minutes.  Another important natural key to help eye vision is to eat more fruits and vegetables.   These two action items will go a long ways towards keeping your eyesight good without the use of prescription glasses.

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Bates Method

December 16th, 2011 No comments

What is the Bates Method?

The Bates Method was developed Dr. William Horatio Bates who was an Ophthalmologist in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  He received his training at Cornell University and ended up teaching and doing ophthalmology research in New York.   What is  The Bates Method

Dr. Bates believed anyone’s eye vision could be improved.  He developed several ways to improve eyesight primarily using visualization and movement.  His techniques focused on relaxation and showing patients how to help their eyes improve and heal.  Dr. Bates believed no one should have to wear eyeglasses to see clearly.

The Bates Method began as a way to help children in school learn and retain more information without eyestrain.  Dr. Bates felt eyestrain contributed to poor vision.  He discovered most eye problems and bad habits started with school-aged children.  They naturally want to learn and have a curiosity about new things.  But in school information on all topics gets steadily pushed on students and they have to memorize it all whether they are interested in it or not.  With that much of a load the student’s mind will tire and their eyes get strained.

The eyes work harder when trying to memorize new information.  When attending school for a full day, 5 days a week Dr. Bates said children had to continually soak up new material without an opportunity to have their eyes relax.

Why Does The Bates Method Work?

The Bates Method helped fix this problem.  He developed a big chart composed of various shapes and letters.  The method called for hanging the chart up on a classroom wall in front of the class.  When children felt overwhelmed they were told to spend some time looking at the chart.  Just continuing to look over the chart for just three minutes a day would remove the eyestrain.

When the Bates Method came out a few schools tried it in the classroom.  Teachers saw a big change for the better both in concentration and learning progress.  However, the school boards ended up feeling the method added too much of a distraction in the classroom and stopped the practice.  As of now the only country teaching students vision training is China.

Can the Bates Method Work for Adults?

Despite the fact that the Bates Method doesn’t get used in schools doesn’t mean it can’t be used in other situations.  Anyone can make their own card or chart and use it during the day.  By looking at the chart on numerous occasions during the day their eyes will stay relaxed and eyestrain reduced.  Teaching your eyes with eye exercises to relax and avoid strain will continue to strengthen your eye muscles and improve your vision.

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Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

December 13th, 2011 No comments

Why Do Eye Exercises to Improve Vision?

Most people who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses feel there is no solution for bad eyesight other than a surgical correction procedure which comes with laser eye surgery risks.  However, there is another effective option available – eye exercises to improve vision.  It doesn’t matter if you have aging vision, farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism.  By taking a small amount of time daily and consistently your vision can be restored and enhanced without surgery or drugs.            Learn Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

Can it really be possible to improve your vision naturally without surgery?  Absolutely yes!  With some easy exercises you will see results and bring your vision to a sharper level.  It just takes a little dedication and time each day.

Your eye muscles are critical to your vision and by wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses those muscles become weaker.  Eye exercises will help both eye health and eyesight while strengthening eye muscles and flexibility.  You only need to perform exercises daily for a few minutes to improve your vision and reach a level back to normal levels without vision aids.


Here are a few eye exercises to improve vision:

* Gaze upwards and slowly rotate your eyes going clockwise.  After 10 clockwise rotations rotate your eyes 10 more times going counter clockwise.

* Fully extend out your arm holding a pencil.  Concentrate and focus on the pencil tip.  As you slowly move the pencil towards your face continue to focus on the pencil tip.  Once the pencil reaches about 7 inches from your face reverse the direction moving it back out.  Repeat 3 times.

* Blink your eyes energetically over and over for 30 seconds then shut your eyes and put your chin down on your chest.  Stay still for 3 minutes then repeat a second time.


These simple eye exercises to improve vision alone will help you see better and strengthen your eye muscles.

However, if you sit in front of a computer screen for long periods of time or have astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness you should have a tailored  vision improvement program with additional specific exercises.  Also, don’t forget that any of these techniques need to be used in conunction with a proper nutrition plan and a healthy overall lifestyle to optimize your vision.

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