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Improve Your Vision

January 27th, 2012 No comments

Can You Improve Your Vision Naturally

You have many options to Improve Your Vision Naturally.  When suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or aging vision most people visit an optician for an eye examination.

The eyesight test results in getting an eyeglass or contact lens prescription to correct the vision.  However, artificial lenses only correct a symptom but do not fix the problem.  They actually do more harm because the numerous eye muscles become more dependent on the glasses to focus instead of working.  Those muscles quickly weaken just as leg muscles would if rarely walked on.

You can actually Improve Your Vision Naturally through a series of exercises and relaxation techniques that keep the eye muscles strong.  Many eye issues occur because of continued eyestrain and stress.  Learning how to minimize the effect of these conditions can improve eye vision.

How to Improve Your Vision Naturally

One simple exercise that can help your eyesight is called palming.  This procedure helps relax both your mind and eyes.   When done for at least 20 minutes a day the results can be impressive.

How to Improve Your Vision Naturally

To start palming, rub your palms together until they’re warm.  Then place each palm of your hand over each eye.  The palms shouldn’t directly touch either the eyes or eyelids.   Place your elbows on a stable surface like a desk.

Now the goal is to totally relax.  While keeping your eyes closed under your palms concentrate on relaxing beginning at the top of your head and moving downward to the end of your toes.  You will feel every muscle start to relax as you move your focus downward.  Initially you may see a more gray color.  The more relaxed you become the blacker the color will become.

The Key to Improve Your Vision Naturally

Do not think of any outside distractions like work projects or to do lists.  Just focus on the blackness or if needed focus on a pleasant scene like ocean waves or mountain meadows.  Stay in this relaxed state for a minimum 15 minutes.

Open your eyes after this period of relaxation.  You’ll find objects will be clearer.  Colors will look more defined.  Your total eye vision will look clearer.  Palming will give you a great way to Improve Your Vision Naturally.

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Eyesight Test

January 8th, 2012 No comments

What is a Recommended Eyesight Test

Getting the recommended eyesight test performed by your Ophthalmologist on a regular interval is extremely important to insuring your eyes and eyesight are healthy.  That interval should be every one to three years depending upon your age, your overall health and whether or not you have any eyesight corrections. recommened eyesight test

The basic recommended eyesight test most people are familiar with is the eye chart which helps measure your vision’s clearness.  The most common chart is formally known as a Snellen chart named after Dr. H. Snellen who developed it back in 1862.  The chart consists of eleven rows of capital letters beginning with a single capital ‘E’ at the top row followed by each row below decreasing in size.

The Most Common Recommended Eyesight Test

Your eye doctor has you stand 20 feet from the chart, with one eye covered, and read each row down the chart until you’re unable to read each letter in a row.  Most people can read through the eighth row, which translates to having 20/20 vision.

If a person can only read the top row then they’re considered to have 20/200 vision.  Put another way most people would be able to read that same top row from 200 feet away.  20/200 vision also represents the legal definition for being legally blind.

Dilating your pupils continues to be an important part of an eyesight test.  By putting dilating drops on your eyes your pupils will open up wider allowing the Ophthalmologist to use several instruments to examine the inner eye.  Because the pupils are open wide they let more light in and the eyes will be extra light sensitive.  It’s important to wear sunglasses for several hours following the exam until the pupils return to their normal size.

Glaucoma Recommended Eyesight Test

Other important tests look for vision blind spots, which can indicate eye disease or other health issues.  The eyesight test most performed are visual field tests.  These tests look at a range of horizontal and vertical directions especially looking at peripheral vision.  With the patient following an object using one eye at a time the Ophthalmologist can determine whether or not more comprehensive testing will be required. Problems that can be discovered or indicated with visual field tests include glaucoma, optic nerve damage, other eye diseases, and even strokes or tumors.

Because glaucoma is the second leading blindness cause in the United States a recommended eyesight test specifically will test for it.  Your eyes are numbed to start.  Then sitting in front of a machine the eye doctor blows a puff of air into your eyeball with a machine to measure your eye’s internal pressure.  The procedure is painless.  If the reading shows high eye pressure then glaucoma could be present or at least show a higher risk for glaucoma.

Your Ophthalmologist may perform other tests as needed.  Just like your family doctor completes a physical exam on your overall health, your eyes need an eye exam as well.  Don’t put off a recommended eyesight test as your eye vision is a precious gift you don’t want to risk losing.

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