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Laser Vision

January 11th, 2012 No comments

Best Laser Vision Surgery?

Custom or Wavefront LASIK eye surgery gives a new definition to Laser Vision.  This procedure can offer a patient amazing results in comparison to standard LASIK eye surgery.  Visual clearness often ends up being better than 20/20.

best laser vision

Standard LASIK correction involves an overall reshaping of the cornea.  Custom or Wavefront LASIK surgery is based on a more in-depth measurement of each eye to enable a more precise surgical correction.

How Custom or Wavefront LASIK Laser Vision Works

With newer computer assisted technology the equipment maps out the cornea front surface on an almost three dimensional basis.  The map will show both height and curvature along the cornea as well as looking at how the eye focuses and sees images.  With that level of detail all irregularities show up and the computer analyses the corrections needed to come up with the best vision possible. The Ophthalmologist then has a detailed roadmap to use to perform the Laser Vision surgery.

Custom or Wavefront LASIK surgery ends up with a patient outcome that most often gives vision acuity at a level much better than when the patient didn’t wear glasses.  Remarkably patients often end up with much better than 20/20 vision.  In addition, unlike standard LASIK, the corrected vision results in the added benefit of seeing better with fine detail, contrasts and even colors.  If all of those benefits weren’t enough the complication risks of halos, glare and worsened night vision are significantly less with Custom or Wavefront LASIK surgery.

Who Can Get the Best Laser Vision

Because of all the advantages with this Laser Vision surgery why would anyone want a standard LASIK procedure?  First of all this procedure uses new technology and equipment so the procedure price is more expensive.  Secondly only patients with a clean eye health history and the appropriate corneal thickness can qualify.  Lastly, the ideal candidates have mild to moderate astigmatism, myopia, or hyperopia.  This procedure also can be helpful to patients that had earlier generation LASIK surgery and have lost their correct eyesight.

The custom eye blueprint and procedure really gives a total Laser Vision positive outcome.  The result is a true tailor made custom eye laser surgery.

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Laser Eye Surgery Cost

December 29th, 2011 No comments

Laser Eye Surgery Cost Factors

The Laser Eye Surgery Cost will depend on several aspects and will be different between physicians and providers.  Many variables impact those costs including a pre-operative consultation, physician experience and equipment technology.  The procedure can eliminate several eyesight problems.

The laser eye surgery cost can be high
The only standard for the Laser Eye Surgery Cost is that the price quotes are given per eye.  Except for that standard, procedure prices vary greatly.  One common reason behind those differences comes down to the various levels of pre-operative consultations and examinations.  The examination needs to be complete to insure the patient is a good candidate for the procedure and to minimize potential post-operative complications.


Laser Eye Surgery Cost Advertising

Not all providers include the examination cost in an advertised price.  Some physicians may advertise LASIK eye surgery as low as $299 per eye.  A very attractive price but not a complete price.  Again, that low cost may not include the cost of the pre-operative examination.  In addition that cost may not be the same for all patients.  Certain patients may require a different type of surgery or need  a greater level of follow up care.

Choosing a physician with the experience of a higher number of successful LASIK procedures performed will often result in a higher LASIK Eye Surgery expense.  However, you will want the most experienced physician available to perform the operation which increases your odds of a successful eye vision outcome.

The equipment used by the medical facility varies.  Some places use state of the art equipment while others continue to use older equipment.  Newer technology will be reflected in higher costs.


Laser Eye Surgery Cost Warnings

Beware of some providers charging a non-refundable deposit under the pretense of finding out more about the surgery or options available. A good facility will never charge you for that information. That deposit will commit you to the facility and if you don’t go through with the procedure you don’t get it back.

Make sure the advertised price or quote you receive for your Eye Surgery also includes the cost of all surgery follow up visits and any medical care for up to a year afterwards.  Any issue that comes up following the procedure should be covered.  If there are any potential additional fees they need to be communicated prior to surgery.  Make sure you have 100% of the potential costs in writing and that you understand them.

Don’t jump at the lowest LASIK Eye Surgery quote you find.  Keep in mind not all providers include all costs in their quotes.  Choose an experienced physician and you’ll eliminate many potential problems.  Don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to your eyesight – it’s far too valuable to risk.

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