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Laser Eye Surgery Risks

December 13th, 2011 No comments

Are There Laser Eye Surgery Risks?

The past 15 years have seen great strides in corrective eye surgery, also know as LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis).  However, laser eye surgery risks still exist. While the surgery’s reported unsolved complications typically only occur in between 3 and 6 percent of surgery patients the complication risk is still present.  Those complications can take many variations.  Reduce Laser Eye Surgery Risks

Laser eye surgery risks and complications can include: correcting too much or too little, sensitivity to light, eye graininess, eyes being dry, seeing double, nighttime seeing halos around light, surgical flap wrinkles, forced astigmatism, particles or growths under the surgical flap, and farsightedness fluctuation.  Each risk is categorized depending on when they can occur such as during pre-operative procedures, during the actual surgery, or after the surgery.

The hardest part about these risks and complications should they occur is that the LASIK surgery can’t be reversed.  Some of the risks, like halos at night, do not show up under regular eye tests and may not become immediately apparent.

One laser eye surgery risks continues to be the eyesight over or under correction.

That complication happens when the doctor miscalculates the required concentration to apply during surgery.

The occurrence of other LASIK surgery risks can increase due to other patient issues like racial origin or environmental background.

Another surgery complication can be a badly formed surgical flap which in turn can lead to an uneven eye surface. Vision problems result when the flap doesn’t adequately stick to the eye surface.  When this complication comes up the issue can be fixed with another surgery but sometimes at the cost of reduced vision sensitivity.

If the surgical flap ends up being too thick then the eye surface can be weakened and cause a bump.  Certain patients may have conditions that make them susceptible to these bumps which also makes them unacceptable for LASIK surgery.

Laser eye surgery risks have decreased in numbers as LASIK surgery and related technology continues to grow and be more popular.  People who have worn prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses most of their lives look to be liberated from them through LASIK surgery.

Minimizing Other Laser Eye Surgery Risks

Unfortunately the potential profits to be made also attracts more practitioners and surgeons wanting to perform the procedure but have less experience or competency. To reduce that risk be sure talk to your Ophthalmologist about the surgery ahead of time to see if you’re a good candidate and also to get some recommendations of surgeons in the area performing the surgery.

Once you have a surgeon picked out be sure to talk to some of their patients about their experience with the procedure.  You may even be able to use social media sources like Facebook to read reviews and get a good feel for the doctor’s practice.  If possible find out the doctor’s educational background and where they received their hands on training.

When it comes to your eye vision you can never be too careful and anything you can do to reduce your surgery risks is time well spent.

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